Instead of boring you with a bunch of videos or images of flower patterns, I have decided to list the top ten websites that have the best free flower patterns I’ve found. Many of them are easy and kid friendly. Open each in new tabs in your browser and enjoy finding the perfect tissue flower pattern for the occasion you are creating it for.

50+ Paper Flower Tutorials & Templates: {Free}

Here’s a lovely assortment of paper flowers to make, I’ve organized them in a few sections for easier browsing: Bouquets & Centerpieces, Tissue Paper, Crepe, Origami and the rest under general tutorials.Many of these have free templates to download and most are surprisingly easy to make!

53 Printable Flower Patterns

With these 53 Printable Flower Patterns, you can learn how to make fabric flowers, find free crochet flower patterns, make paper flowers, and more. Flowers can be pricey. Whether you need a bouquet for Mother’s Day or centerpieces for a wedding, making your own flowers is a frugal option.

Paper Flowers, Roses, Coffee Filters, Bows, and template patterns

38 How to Make Paper Flower Tutorials {so pretty!}

How to make paper flower tutorials that are adorable.  These step-by-step paper craft tutorials also include crepe paper flowers, napkin flowers, tissue paper flowers, paper anemone’s, giant paper flowers, paper sack flowers, origami flowers, paper lilies, paper daffodils and duct tape flowers.   Paper crafting is so in right now, and for good reason!  It’s fun, engaging and fabulous.  Why not make a paper flower today?

Free paper flower craft tutorials and templates

These templates are for personal and small business commercial use ie. craft fairs, gift shops, mom and pop type small businesses. Some simple ground rules:) Please don’t offer these as a download on any other sites. I would appreciate it, if you would link to my site, and have people download from Otherwise that is pretty much it. If you like the templates, pinning a picture on Pinterest is always nice too. Rita

Sewing Pattern Tissue Flowers

Although I have only sewn one outfit from a pattern, I have fond memories of my mom whipping out a pattern and sewing up something fabulous (did she say she sewed an “outfit” eww! in my defense I was in 4th grade and by the time I finished the “outfit” I refused to wear it due to the hideous fabric I had selected).

Tissue-Paper Flower Favors Template

These oversize tissue-paper flowers bring a burst of color to any place setting and make excellent favors.

Martha Stewart crepe paper flower templates

The templates—for single petals, continuous petals, and leaves—on these pages are used to create the flowers shown in. “Making Crepe-Paper Flowers,” pages

Free Origami Instructions

Free Origami Flower Instructions

Some of the most beautiful origami models are the origami flowers… they look so stunning when made with either plain of pattered paper, and displayed in groups!

If you are a beginner, I would recommend starting with the Blossom and then the Lily, they are both great traditional designs, and people love receiving paper flowers as token gifts: they are so thoughtful and sweet: and what could be more personal than something made with your own hands? :-)


A fine collection of both real and paper flowers to give you inspiration and ideas of what can be accomplished with paper. This is not my complete collection but just want to give a couple ideas of the beauty of people’s imaginations.

See more paper flower pictures on Pinterest.


Here is a quick and easy way for you to make your own Pom Poms out of colored tissue paper. You can combine these flowers with cutout decorations to make them stick out or turn into hanging decorations.

The best idea I had with using tissue pom-poms was to attach a string or ribbon to them and hang them from the ceiling. I was going to use white ones and make them look like hanging snowballs during the winter time. You could make orange ones for halloween and red ones for Christmas.

Watch the video for some inspirational ideas to make your own different colored tissue paper pom poms.

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Jenna DeAngeles takes us on a quick and fun journey of how you can create giant tissue paper flowers using a few sheets of tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and a little tape.

These flowers are great for any general decorating and can be done at your home with your family or a group of friends.

Visit for additional information.


I am a visual person so I love watching videos of how things are made. The last time I was in Hobby Lobby I spend what seemed like hours gazing through the floral section. Now I love fresh cut flowers but the thought of having them year round excites me. Tissue paper flowers can be used for a variety of occasions such as Mother’s Day, Wedding Receptions, Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, and themed holiday events.

In this video, Malika will show you a few different ways to make flowers, including the stems, using ordinary material that you can easily find at your local craft store or big box stores such as Wal-mart.


It is very easy to learn how to make paper flowers and it is a great activity to do with your kids. Whether you are making small or giant tissue flowers, your kids will be able to use their little hands to create beautiful flowers for your vases.

In this quick instructional video Nikki goes over how easy of a craft this is. She will explain what kind of materials to use and where you can find them.


Instructional video that shows you how to make an easy 5 petal folding paper flower. You will be able to do this in less than 10 minutes.


Paper Crafts

Learn how to make an 8 petal folding paper flower using ordinary tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and scissors. Skill Level: Intermidiate


Paper Crafts

Paper Crafts